About Us

More and more people like Chinese culture. Based on variety reasons, people have a Chinese Name. It’s supposed to be a great thing.
Unfortunately, we find out a lot of Chinese names which aren’t connected with culture, your ambitious,hobby and without inherited. It should be named after individual features exactly.
The symbol of Chinses name is you! Now, our Chinese name makers are following culture, history and inspiration for giving you an exclusive Chinese name which can be represented your own personalities!
Chinese characters

The origin of Chinese characters

We chose traditional Chinese characters because they were invited by Han which is ancient of China, also they have been gone through development and improvement for a long time. Currently, they can be tracked to Oracle bone script in Shang dynasty in B.C.1300.
Chinese characters are the basic concept of traditional six-fold classification (liùsh? 六? / 六書 "six writings"). This was the first described in The Rites of Zhou (Chinese: 周禮; pinyin: Zh?u l?)*, but there was no specific explanation.
Chinese characters
  • Exclusive Chinese Name

    According to individual features, we combine with culture, poems and history to create phonetic, cultured and exclusive Chinese Name for you!
  • Name for translation

    We use pronunciation of your English name to translate Chinese name directly. If it’s possible, we will select Chinese characters with your own elements, it will be interesting!
  • Chinese Tattoo

    Chinese tattoo is very pretty, using correct phases or quoting from poems which are since B.C. 1300 can be represented dazzlingly as a diamond. Chinese tattoo becomes to vibrate your heart!