We see a lot of people who like beautiful and cultured Chinese characters. Also they want to express unique and meaningful words for their tattoo. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of singers, actors, sport players, celebrities and so on whose Chinese tattoos are with wrong meaning completely. We can’t understand it. Using wrong Chinese tattoo is like a potato-head. Actually, if you chose Chinese characters well, even Chinese people feel amazing.

We love Chinese culture and characters. In addition, we live in the area where is surrounded by inheritable Chinese culture and art. We use traditional Chinese characters which are keeping development and rich meanings for 3,000 years.

In order to use Chinese culture, character and express yourself correctly, you need someone who is an expert and design a Chinese tattoo for you.

P.S. Based on your request, we will provide suitable “sentences” which aren’t included doing tattoo service for you. We suggest you use Chinese calligraphy on tattoo or ask calligrapher for writing down this sentence. Then, you can go to the tattoo shop nearby or ask someone putting a tattoo for you. It will be pretty and full of art.

To save your plenty of time and avoid any mistake, Chinese tattoo is with you for whole life and represented your own personalities. Don’t you want a professional designer to do it for you?

Price : Chinese Tattoo : US$60
Day: 7 working days

Chinese characters Chinese characters Chinese characters Chinese characters Chinese characters