Many people want to have a Chinese name because they like Chinese culture or business reasons. Probably, you use name generator or ask somebody else who understand Chinese. However, it neither represented your personalities, Chinese culture nor beautiful meaning. If you have learned Chinese already, that’s good. You can pick up a Chinese name by yourself. But it can’t be combined with Chinese culture. How pity it is.

In order to solve this issue, we are Chinese name makers who love Chinese culture and traditional characters. In addition, we live in the area where is surrounded by inheritable Chinese culture and art. We use traditional Chinese characters which are keeping development and rich meanings for 3,000 years. According to individual features, we will combine with culture, poems and history to create phonetic, cultured and exclusive Chinese Name for you! It will be along with you forever and ever, it can be represented you!

To avoid any mistake and save your plenty of time, Chinese name can be represented a person. Don’t you want a professional designer to do it for you?

Price : Exclusive Chinese Name : US$100 ,plus Chinese characters (Name for translation : $40)
Day: 7 working days

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